Vision & Ethos

Learning Together - Achieving Together

Hardwick Primary Academy Mission Statement


The purpose of Hardwick primary Academy is to provide quality academic, creative and social education to all pupils irrespective of gender, race or ability whilst actively promoting partnerships with the wider community.


We are committed to creating and maintaining a happy, stimulating, supportive and secure environment that fosters an eagerness to learn. Where, the curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant, purposeful and challenging.


Pupils are assisted to believe in themselves to develop a positive, responsible attitude to learning so that their interests, strengths and talents progress. So that they can achieve their personal best and become responsible citizens who are confident, respectful and well-motivated making positive contributions to their community and the wider world. 


About Us

Dear Parent /Carer

We became Hardwick  Green Primary Academy on 1st June 2013; we are part of the Enquire Learning Trust and pride ourselves on being a happy, supportive academy that cares about children. The teachers in the academy are approachable, down to earth and provide well planned lessons for the children.

We provide high levels of teaching assistant support both in the classroom (every class has an attached TA) and for individual pupils (to provide 1:1 and small group support for identified pupils).

We work with a wide range of agencies to provide the best support for both children and their families.  We aim to engage all children in their learning through enjoyment this is why our curriculum is well balanced and based on a topic approach for Foundation subjects.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs R Pickering


Hardwick Green Primary Academy